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Hi Friends!

Some of you may know me from my work at the New York Times, the History Channel, HBO Max’s The Big Brunch, or maybe we just ran into each other at the Union Square green market!

If you don’t know much about me…

I’m originally from LA (don’t hold it against me) and now living in Manhattan for >10 years. I started cooking in my mom’s kitchen, then had a stint in probably every chain restaurant you know and love, before deciding to get all oui cheffy at the Culinary Insitute of America in Hyde Park. That led me to work at fine dining restaurants throughout the city, such as Del Posto, Atera, and Battersby. (Ask me about my foams… j/k)

I hustled as a line cook, prep cook, server, chef, and pastry chef before owning and operating a restaurant in Brooklyn with my (also chef) hubby. After that, I made the switch to food media. I developed recipes and wrote articles for places like Serious Eats, Bon Appetit, and Food52. I’m now a free agent making all kinds of food content for various outlets and working on my first cookbook with Knopf (coming fall 2023)!

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Why a newsletter?

This newsletter is a space for me to develop recipes I’m pumped about at the moment. If you haven’t worked in media, you might not know that content is often pitched, developed, and edited months or even years before it ends up before your eyes. That’s because there’s a massive team behind every recipe/video/article working hard to make things happen. So I’m thinking about Thanksgiving in the sweltering heat of July surrounded by ripe tomatoes. And when Thanksgiving does roll around, my head’s bursting with more (often better) ideas. My newsletter has no team. It’s just me, you, and Substack, so I can share the recipes I’m craving and eating in real time.

Hot Dish is also home for misfit recipes that don’t fit anywhere else. Every outlet has there own vibe, and not every recipe is the right fit. There are even so many great recipes that didn’t make the cut in my own cookbook. But that doesn’t make them any less awesome or cool or worth sharing, and with this newsletter, all my weirdo recipes can have a home.

Most importantly, this space allows me to better connect with you! I want to know what recipes you want, what worked for you and what didn’t, and bring you all the furry, doggo content.

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What can you expect?

Every month, I’ll share four new exclusive recipes with all the info you’ll need to make swaps to fit your dietary needs and make things work with what you’ve got on hand. I also give you the why’s behind the recipe so you can expand your culinary knowledge and become more confident in the kitchen. You can also expect occasional free posts featuring recipes, updates, or other food-adjacent fun. If you can’t swing a paid subscription right now, email or dm me and I’ll hook you up!

What are you waiting for? Come hang out, cook fun recipes, deep-dive into culinary techniques, and nerd out about all the delicious things.

Thanks for being here!


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